it is peer-to-peer and uses no central service
it automatically encrypts your e-mail and attachments, including pictures
it works with all your existing e-mail account(s)
it can ensure no one can intercept your perfectly encrypted e-mail
it can authenticate your communication partner and prevent identity theft
it offers security and privacy by default

p≡p advocates privacy directly

Our mission

p≡p stands for pretty Easy privacy (p≡p or pEp) and is radically easing the use of end-to-end cryptographic tools for written digital communication channels. Through integration with the secure peer-to-peer GNUnet framework also effective meta data protection is in progress. Ultimately, p≡p wants to change the default in written digital communications to encrypted, verified and anonymized ("Privacy by Default").

p≡p is a foundation and a company. We believe everyone deserves privacy and security by default and without hassle when sending emails or any other digital written communication. With the p≡p we are set to finally deliver free software for what the cypher-punk movement has been striving for since the late 1980s: Easy Encryption for Everyone!

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