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Competent and Sympathetic.

Our goal is to protect your digital infrastructure from threats and maintain your systems at the highest level of security.

Tailored to your needs and requirements, we support you in the conception and implementation of your goals.

Together, we develop effective strategies to minimize security risks, identify, and fix security vulnerabilities.

Our Services.

Security Consulting

We advise your company on cybersecurity issues. Learn to accurately recognize potential threats and mitigate risks early.

Software Architecture

The foundation of any durable and stable software is thoughtful software architecture. We support and accompany you in the implementation of complex software projects.

System Integration

We support your system integration projects, whether integrating new into existing systems or merging multiple IT systems.

System Architecture

Planning a change in your existing IT infrastructure? Want to roll out cloud computing securely in the company? Then we are here to help. Trust our experts in developing a sustainable and stable system architecture.

Tailored to Your Needs.

Risk-Based Approaches

The risk-based approach focuses on prioritizing security measures and resources where the greatest risk exists.

Preventive Measures and Training

A proactive approach to security consulting includes implementing preventive security measures as well as training and raising awareness among employees for best practices.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

It is essential to ensure that your company's security measures and processes align with internal and legal requirements.

Technologies & Development

Sequoia PGP

Sequoia PGP is an open-source implementation of the "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) protocol. Sequoia PGP aims to provide a solid foundation for PGP-based applications, be it for email encryption, secure chat protocols, or other applications relying on public-key cryptography.


p≡p (pEp) stands for "Pretty Easy Privacy" and aims to improve email encryption and privacy. A key approach of p≡p is the automation of encryption.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are specialized computer systems embedded in other devices or systems to perform specific functions.

Software Development

We develop customized software for you in Python, JavaScript, Java & Kotlin, C#, Rust, C/C++, Swift & Objective C for most operating systems.

Mobile & Cloud

Cloud computing has changed the way businesses and individuals utilize IT resources, offering flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Mainframe / z/OS

z/OS is a powerful operating system specifically designed for use on IBM mainframe computers, providing a robust and reliable platform for running mission-critical applications.

Our Central Concerns for Your Business.


Sensitive data should only be accessible to authorized persons. This is ensured through encryption and access controls.


Your data must remain consistent and unchanged while not in use. Preventing unauthorized manipulations is crucial.


Your data must be available at all times. It's essential to protect your systems from failures and attacks to ensure continuous access.

Data Privacy

Compliance with legal requirements and their efficient implementation while preserving corporate flexibility.

Data Backup

Data backup prevents losses during failures and complements data availability. It also serves the archiving of existing data.

About Us

Our Motivation.

Our vision is a digital world where organizations can operate without compromises in information security and privacy. We are committed to providing high-quality security solutions that protect data, systems, and employees, strengthening the trust of our customers. Our goal is to be the preferred partner guiding companies on their journey to robust and resilient cybersecurity, protecting them against the constantly growing threats in the digital landscape.

We are Your Companion.

We highly value professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to understand their security needs and develop solutions that support their goals, protecting their data and systems from the latest threats.

Our Expertise is at Your Service.

Our team consists of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in IT architecture, information security, network security, and data protection.

We combine technical expertise with deep industry knowledge to develop tailored security solutions that meet the specific requirements and challenges of our customers.

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